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Our History

The side that won our promtion back to the Premier League in 1980.
The Windmills Soccer Club was formed in 1950 when Dutch immigrants led by Hank Beumer, who arrived in Australia that year, organised scratch matches combined with outings and picnics on Sundays for the local Dutch community. Meetings soon took place and it was agreed that the Windmills name be adopted for a new soccer team during a discussion at the Dutch Club in King Street, Perth. Windmills is not a Dutch word but was chosen to give it the English flavour and also as there were many windmills in Australia as well as in Holland.
As more "Hollanders" joined the club the next step was to apply to the Western Australian Soccer Football Association (WASFA) for entry into the league competition. In March, 1950, Windmills applied for entry but were denied as the WASFA had problems with rescheduling fixtures and ground allocation because of the late entry. However, the club received the green light the following year when Windmills was accepted into the Third Division (which today would be one league below the SWC First Division). Windmills' first official game was in April, 1951 when the club were 4-3 victors over CMH. The next game was against the tough Polish team, Sokol, who won 4-2. Windmills finished their first season in a respectable 5th position in the 11 team league.
Windmills continued to play well and finished 5th again in 1952, followed by 3rd in 1953, and then won their league to earn promotion in 1954. In 1955 Windmills found themselves in the WASFA Second Division (First Division equivalent today) and found the going tough, finishing 6th from 9 teams. 1956 saw the club win half their games and end the season in 4th place, while it was 1 step back in 1957 with the club back to 5th place. 1958 saw the beginning of Windmills' dominance in the WA Soccer scene, with the men in orange winning the league and earning promotion to the top flight. Windmills did very well in their first season in the big league, with the likes of Azzurri and Tricolore to contend with, the club went on to finish 4th.
One of the biggest turmoils in WA soccer occurred in 1960 when the WASFA continued to deny clubs the right to pay their players and there was an argument over where the top games would be played. During that season, 8 clubs (including Windmills) broke away from the WASFA and formed their own association, called the Soccer Federation of Western Australia (SFWA). For the first time, WA had a semi-professional league, in which Windmills finished second. Windmills had great success during the 1960's and 1970's. The highlight being the State Championships won in 1961 and 1973.
The Windmills club changed their name to Morley-Windmills after the merger with the Morley Soccer Club in 1973 and soon after moved into their brand new premises at Wotton Reserve, in Embelton. The club continues there to this day, and have one of the best clubrooms in Western Australian soccer. The club is proud of our Dutch heritage, but we are also very proud that we are a multi-cultural club, with many of our players and supporters now being of many different nationalities.
Below we have all the league tables since Morley Windmills became semi-professional in 1960 when the new Soccer Federation of Western Australia commenced. League names have changed over the years, the name in brackets above each table shows what the league was called at the time, while the name next to it shows what it would be called today under the current set-up.
In 1992 Morley Windmills joined yet another break away league called the Professional Soccer League, who then merged with the SFWA the year after to be known as the Professional Soccer Federation (Soccer West Coast).
During the 1997 season Morley Windmills withdrew from Soccer West Coast. The following three seasons the club only played in the Amateur Premier Division, before it re-joined Soccer West Coast in 2001.

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